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Made in Japan, the Feather shaving range consists of the classic Feather AS-D2 solid stainless steel double edged safety razor, the WS-D1, the unique Feather Artist straight razors, Neo multi blade cartridge razors and the world renowned Feather razor blades (nicknamed Ninja). The Feather AS-D2 is a true classic in the world of shaving. Made from stainless steel and finished in a brushed satin finish, this razor is a truly high precision instrument. The WS-D1 was launched in 2015, it's made from high grade stainless steel and treated hardwood. Perfectly weighted, it will deliver a mild, smooth yet very close shave.
The Feather Artist razor is the ultimate in replaceable blade cut throat razors. Incredibly simple to use, no need for honing or stropping, simply replace the blade when it dulls.
Neo multi blade razors are ergonomically designed to sit comfortably in the hand while the Neo blades have a longer lifespan than other makes.
Over the years we have sold 1,000s of Feather razors, not one has ever been returned to us for quality reasons!

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