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Above the Tie

Welcome to our range of solid stainless steel razors handmade by Above the Tie (ATT).
We are changing the way we market this brand towards stocking the three handles ATT sell and allowing you to choose which head from the ATT range you require. If you see a head and handle combination showing out of stock, buy the head and handle you require as two individual items.
Above the Tie (ATT) handcraft stunning double edged safety razors and safety razor handles from solid 303 gauge stainless steel. Each razor head is hand-milled from a solid block of stainless steel to high tolerances creating a truly remarkable razor. You can choose the level of aggressiveness you need from your razor: Regular, Heavy or Mild. Choose from open comb or closed comb, standard head or slant head.
The R Head gives a Regular shave, H1 Head gives an assertive shave and the M1 Head delivers a mild shave.
There are three handle sizes to pick from: Atlas standard size, Kronos larger size and Colossus extra-large. Three Head Options, choose from Closed Comb, Open Comb or Slant Head.
The Above the Tie sets are a revelation, 7 and 5 piece sets with various combinations, so much variety!
We even stock Above the Tie heads without handles so you can try other heads to vary your shave. Browse the range below to choose the head and handle combination that best suits you. Contact us on T: 01418803040 if you have any queries about these fantastic razors.

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