Smooth Shave Tips

Smooth Shave Tips

We here at Executive Shaving are asked every day the secrets to achieving a smooth shave and are answer is simply: use the right products!

The most important factor that will determine just how smooth your shave will be is your preparation. Here it is important to not only lift and soften the facial bristles with a hot towel before shaving but to use an effective pre-shave oil that will lubricate the face and soften the beard further. This in turn will allow the razor to glide across the face allowing the shaving razor to get even closer to the skin allowing for smoother results.

The next stage that will allow for an incredible smooth shave experience is using the correct shaving cream or shave soap and applying it with a full synthetic hair shaving brush. Using creams and soap will allow the face to get moisturised, lubricated and will nourish the skin whilst shaving. Applying this to your delicate face with a badger hair shaving brush will allow the correct water-to-cream ratio to be applied allowing you to get closer, smoother and more noticeable shave results.

Finally for a smooth shave remember to never use a blunt or dulled razor if you want the smoothest shaving results. If you were to use a razor in this condition you will find its cutting abilities severely reduced and that it will drag across the skin catching the hair, this can lead to razor rash and even razor burn. So before the shave you should always ensure your razor cartridge or razor is sharp and fresh for a smooth and refreshing experience.

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