Shaving Lotion

Shaving Lotion

A high quality shaving lotion is one of the most often overlooked items that is needed to achieve the perfect traditionalist wet shave. Able to allow any razor to glide smoothly across the face thanks to its lubricating properties, good quality shave lotions can also prevent many common skin aliments such as razor burn and razor bumps.

Asides from their exceptional lubrication a shaving lotion can also moisturise the face before, during and after the shave, getting deep into the skins pores rehydrating them and slowing down moisture lost whilst the skin is dried. A further powerful attribute these lotions also have is that they are especially effective at softening the skin and hair follicles and opening the skins pores, this allows for a closer, more comfortable and flawless shave experience.

Effective pre shave oils and skin foods for shaving It is also very common that the shaving lotion recipe you will use contains a subtle blend of natural and botanical ingredients such as olive oil, Shea butter, cocoa butter, pea starch to name but a few. These ingredients are fantastic for nourishing the skin as during the shaving process dead skin and vital nutrients can be removed leaving a new skin barrier exposed to the elements. Shave lotion will form a protective seal or barrier over the skin protecting it without blocking the pores or drying the skin.

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