Shaving Irritation Treatments

Shaving Irritation Treatments

Almost 70% of men in the UK suffer from some form of shaving irritation either regularly or at least once in their life. These irritations can vary widely from person to person and can arise in the form of: ingrown hair, razor rash, razor bumps, white spots and even mild acne. These ailments brought on by shaving can be caused by a number of factors from skin type to hair type. The most common cause of shaving irritation and other skin irritations is a lack of lubrication whilst completing a shave. Most standard foam based creams are entirely inadequate for lubricating and protecting the face whilst shaving. This in turn causes the razor to drag across the face and hair follicles, removing an excess amount of skin cells and causing hair follicles to cut unevenly -  leading to ingrown hairs especially on sensitive skin.

Shaving irritation advice and complimentary shaving treatments

A way to prevent shaving irritation from happening is to use an effective pre shave oil and a quality shaving cream and soap. Here the pre shave oil will lubricate and moisturise your face, softening and straightening facial hair allowing the razor to glide effortlessly across the face. And if combined with a rich and creamy shaving soap or cream which will lubricate and nourish the skin, almost all shaving irritations can be eliminated.

However skin irritation can also be due to a person's skin type and unfortunately many people will always suffer some sort of reaction to shaving. For those people Executive Shaving currently stock a wide range of skin and shave treatments to eliminate and even prevent these conditions from occurring. With shaving irritation men balms and face masks for an assortment of irritations, our wide comprehensive ingrown treatment range will have all the supplements and cures you'll need to keep your skin healthy and happy.

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