RazorPit Saves You Money up to 90% on Razor Blades

RazorPit Saves You Money up to 90% on Razor Blades

Some men still prefer to use multi blade cartridge razors despite the cost of replacement blades, the lack of a close shave and the skin problems that can result in using these razors which include razor bumps and ingrowing hairs.

Who uses a cartridge razor? These poor guys can be placed into five categories:
1) Young boys who shave infrequently – the bum fluff brigade
2) Those who tried a safety razor and failed to master the technique
3) Those who don’t know about safety razors
4) Those who simply don’t care about a close shave and what damage they do to their skin
5) Those who will not spend the couple of minutes more time it takes to use a safety razor

So there we have it, some guys will never use a safety razor, sad but true.
What can be done to help these guys get a good close shave without razor bumps and ingrown hairs? Well in the interests of research I have been using an Executive Shaving Mach3 compatible razor on and off for a month. In fairness to the Mach3 the first four shaves were comfortable and close, not as close as a safety razor shave but good enough for work days. Thereafter it was downhill, the razor began to slide over my bristles rather than cutting them off cleanly, this lead to me pressing harder with the razor to achieve a close shave – this is what leads to ingrown hairs, redness and razor bump.
Problem: How can you combat this problem without replacing the horrendously expensive cartridge blade?
Solution: I used a RazorPit Slide blade sharpener; it takes only a few seconds before every shave and what a difference it makes. Dab some shaving cream lather on the surface of the RazorPit and gently slide the blade four times over the thermo-plastic elastomer base. This hi-tech base allows flexible, close contact with the blades. This gentle sliding action removes the coating that forms on the cutting edge of the blade leading to a close yet comfortable shave.

Here’s what RazorPit say:
Do you throw away a dirty plate?
The razor blade manufacturers want you to think that your razor blade is dull. But that is far from the truth; in fact they are just dirty. RazorPit rubs this microscopic dirt of the edge of the blade and leaves a sharp edge for a comfortable shave.
Money Back Guarantee
More than 93% of RazorPit customers are so happy with RazorPit that they would recommend it to others. If you are one of the few who do not find RazorPit living up to its promises, we would be happy to give you a full refund.

There you have it, you can get up to 150 shaves from one cartridge blade if you use a RazorPit, this represents a significant financial saving allowing you to spend more on beer, football and women and best of all get a close shave free from skin irritations. The RazorPit works on all cartridge blades including Gillette, Wilkinson Sword, Feather and store own brand razors.
How much does this wonder product cost, surely £100’s?
NO! For the remarkable low cost of only £19.95 you can save money, stick two fingers up to Gillette and get a great shave.
Read more here and see a video demo of how to use a RazorPit.

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