Nourishing Skin Food

Nourishing Skin Food

Essential Oils Skin Food - An absolute must!

Daily use of skin food helps to nourish, cleanse and protect the skin before and after shaving. Before shaving, the application of skin food softens and lifts the skin allowing for a much closer, smoother shave, whilst no after shave skin care procedure would be complete without the use of a soothing, moisturising skin food or after shave balm.

The Executive Shaving Company has a range of top quality skin food and after shave balms manufactured by the world's leading producers of fine shaving products. Each product has been formulated with the essential oils and nutrients to keep your skin healthy and young looking. As well as skin food and shaving balms, Executive Shaving also stock a fantastic range of skin care products essentail for anyone serious about how their skin feels and looks.

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