Merkur Shaving Range

Merkur Shaving Range

For many traditional enthusiasts Merkur shaving is the only true way to shave.

Offering some of the finest high quality shaving brushes and safety razors in the world, Merkur of Solingen are true experts in the male grooming field. Their philosophy of quality German craftsmanship, revolutionary hot forge manufacturing and market leading standard setting has earned them a staggering fan base. These dedicated followers and collectors all believe the same thing, once you have tried shaving with a Merkur you will simply never go back.

The Merkur shaving company and its proud brand name were acquired by Dovo of Solingen in 1996 and together these two formidable giants in the male grooming industry now produce a whole host of shaving equipment from luxury manicure sets to ultra sharp platinum safety razor blades.

Going from strength-to-strength, Merkur of Solingen now manufacture and distribute to fulfil world demand, whilst also ensuring that every customer no matter how big or small, receive only the best  instruments and accessories. Whether you are looking for a Merkur shaving set or just one of their trademark Barber Pole 38 safety razors, the Executive Shaving Company is proud to include the quality names of Dovo and Merkur of Solingen in their huge and varied collection.

So why don't you take up the challenge today and see if after shaving with a Merkur, you use anything else ever again!

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