Guide to Shaving with Doctor Shave

Guide to Shaving with Doctor Shave

A Definitive Guide to Shaving

For the perfect shave of head, beard, face, armpits or pubic area you need the expert advice given in Doctor Shave's guide to shaving. This shaving guide gives guidelines on all aspects of shaving, including the selection of the best equipment, pre-shave care, the shave itself and after shave care.



Follow the advice given in Doctor Shave's guide to shaving and you will never again experience painful razor burns or razor bumps caused by ingrowing hairs. The guide explains these problems associated with shaving and tells you how to avoid them. Soon you will experience a trouble free, ultra smooth shave each and every time you wield the razor.



Once you have read the guide to shaving, and hopefully, other important shaving tips in Doctor Shaves Shavepedia, you will experience a satisfying shave time and time again. In fact, you will no longer look upon shaving as a necessary evil but as a pleasurable experience.



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