Advice for Safety Razor Shaving

Advice for Safety Razor Shaving

So you've taken the plunge and decided to get yourself a safety razor. Well done, smart move. Look forward to saving lots of money and getting a close, comfortable shave every time providing you follow some simple rules.

The Golden Rules For Safety Razor Shaving


Prepare the face properly, wash the face with lots of warm water.
Use a shaving cream or shaving soap applied with a shaving brush.
Use a sharp blade every time, as soon as you feel a blade tugging, replace it.
Never shave on skin that is not covered with shaving cream unless you want irritated skin.
Use a light touch, if the blade is sharp all you need is the slightest pressure, the weight of the head is usually sufficient.
Shave with the grain twice and against the grain once in that order (until your skin is used to the new regime avoid shaving against the grain).

After shaving, wash the face in warm water to get rid of all remnants of shaving lather. Avoid applying an alcohol based after shave or cologne on newly shaved skin, instead finish off with this after shave balm.



Use Personna blades, which are very sharp, forgiving and amazing value for money.

Executive Shaving Natural Shaving Cream is recommended for expert wet shavers and novices alike. It has been specially formulated to produce a rich, moisturising lather, it is long lasting and great value too.


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