Why We Are Having Another Sale

Why We Are Having Another Sale

Q: Why are you having another sale? Asked Shona our finance manager. Shona breaks out in a cold sweat at the thought of reducing prices! Sale Page
The answer is we need to either find a larger warehouse or we need to clear some space. Why? Simples, we have exciting plans to bring in more new products which we don’t have space for.
For example, Scottish Fine Soaps and Extro Cosmesi are two wonderful brands and we would like to stock all of the Extro Cosmesi range which means another sixteen new products and we would also like to stock the new Vetiver & Sandalwood range by Scottish Fine Soaps which means another ten products. Combined, these new products need two large shelves.
Additionally, Martin de Candre shaving soaps have proved to be a real hit since their launch in November last year, we plan on ordering more from them while Geo F Trumper’s new size Spanish Leather and Eucris Shaving Creams also need a shelf each.
Another issue is our Big Jock range of shaving brushes, to get the price down we need to order in huge numbers which creates more warehousing space problems.

The only way we can free up space is to sell off some brands we won’t be continuing with such as Via Barberia, Primehide Leather, Dalvey and The Dapper Gent. So, to free up space, we will offer a 25% discount on lots of really good products, see all our sale items in our Sale and Dented category.

We are in the process of rebranding our own range and that means we want to sell off our existing Citrus Kiss Shaving Cream and matching Aftershave Balm and our Bay Rum Shaving Cream stock. Shona is not at all happy about this…
We’re also giving you a whopping 25% off these items, at checkout input GET25OFF in the discount box and the 25% discount will automatically be applied.
Go on, hurry up before Shona changes her mind about the sale.

Written by Brian Mulreany
18th January 2019
Sales Director at The Executive Shaving Company

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