Which Cut Throat Razor Is The Best Buy?

Cut Throat Razor - I'm a newbie, what should I buy?feather-cut-throat-razor

Mr Gregory, England 26 July 12. 

Q: I am looking to purchase my first "cut throat". As a newcomer to this form of shaving, I would appreciate your advice on the best razor to buy. I am reluctant to spend a lot of money on a razor, when I may not continue with it.

On the other hand, I also appreciate that if I purchase a cheap/lower spec razor, it may not provide the performance which I seek and thus colour my views. What would you recommend?

A: My advice is to go for a Feather Straight Razor, this razor uses disposable blades so you have no need to buy an expensive strop and hone. 

With a Feather, the only new skill you need to learn is how to shave with the razor. Stropping and honing are not particularly easy skills to learn but they are absolutely vital if you are to achieve a close and comfortable shave with a steel cut throat razor.

Shaving with a Feather is not difficult, just take your time and use minimum pressure on the razor while shaving.

In terms of cost, the Feather Artist Club SS is £150.00, the Feather Light Blades we recommend are only £19.00 for 20. A high quality badger brush and cream set is only £34.00. The complete set: razor, blades, brush and cream comes to £203.00. A decent straight razor, strop and hone will set you back no less than £250.00 so financially it makes sense to go for a Feather.

I have a strong feeling that lots of guys buy traditional straight razor sets from us with the intention of learning the new skills of straight razor shaving, stropping and honing. The shaving bit seems to come easy to most guys but the stropping and honing required to maintain a keen edge is beyond the skill set or the patience threshold for lots of guys.

The expensive straight razor set is then confined to the back of a wardrobe never to be seen again. My take on it is to make life as easy as possible for yourself, buy a Feather and learn how to shave with it, the shave you'll get is as good as you'll get with anything else, you'll save some money at the outset and you'll soon appreciate the 'pick up and shave' usability of a Feather Cut Throat.

Written by Brian Mulreany,
Sales Director at The Executive Shaving Company.
Telephone: 0141 880 3040
Email: brian@executive-shaving.co.uk

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