Vulfix Synthetic Shaving Brush Competition

Win A Vulfix Synthetic Shaving Brush!

Vulfix Simpsons Synthetic shaving BrushesModern day synthetic shaving brushes are infinitely better than they use to be; they now no longer use scratchy nylon fibres.

Here's why you should buy a synthetic shaving brush:

Virtually No Hair Loss

Synthetic fibres are more durable than badger hair, they're less prone to breaking and the fibres seem to weld more securely into the glued knot better than badger hair.

Near Instant Drying

After use, rinse the brush clean then flick it over the sink a few times, gently give it a once over with a towel and that's it nice and dry. This makes them ideal for travelling as well as daily home use.

Incredibly Soft on the Face

The tips of modern synthetic bristle fibres have been engineered to very closely mimic that of badger hair; finishing in a rounded point. This gives a super-soft feeling on the face when lathering up.
Gone are the days of synthetic shaving brushes feeling like they're removing a layer of skin whilst applying lather.

Vegan Friendly & Not Smelly

The materials uses in synthetic brushes are 100% animal friendly; no animals were harmed in the making of these brushes.
Synthetic brushes don't smell which is the bane of travel badger hair shaving brushes.


Synthetic fibre shaving brushes tend to be cheaper than badger hair brushes making wet shaving even more affordable.


To enter the competition to win a  Vulfix Large Synthetic Hair Shaving Brush, worth £40.00 simply answer the following question:

What is the diameter of the knot in the Vulfix Simpsons Large Synthetic Hair Shaving Brush?

Send your answers to with the title "Synthetic Brush Competition"
The competition ends on 25 September at 12.00 BST.

This competiton is now CLOSED.

Written by Alan Bunce
Digital Content Consultant
The Executive Shaving Co Ltd

T: 0141 880 3040 from outside UK 0044 41 880 3040

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