Ultimate Shaving Sets For Men of Style & Taste

Ultimate shaving sets. We have a few sets available that are prime examples of fine engineering, styling and sheer shaving pleasure.

Thiers-Issard make their razors in a small workshop in rural France. Their Seven Day Le Chassuer (the hunter) Set features seven razors, each marked with a day of the week in English. Each razor is different, they feature various hunting scenes. Made to order with an eye watering 6 month delivery time, this is one of the rarest shaving sets in the world.

JP Razors of England came up with the idea to use retired Red Bull Racing Formula One parts for a safety razor and stand. The razor benefits from an Above the Tie head which has been reengineered. The razor comes complete with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Paul Miller of JP Razors and a Letter of Authenticity signed by John Haigh of Racing Gold. The certificate and letter confirm the razor handle is made from a front wheel torsion bar from a Red Bull Racing Formula One racing car while the support the razor rests in is formed from a rear suspension rocker. The support rests on a Formula 1 carbon fibre base.

Feather of Japan make impeccable safety and cut throat razors. Their WS-D1S (razor and stand) is made from stainless steel and treated hardwood. Everything about this razor is right, the dimensions and weight are in complete harmony; it's perfectly balanced and feels so good in the hand. It’s beautifully finished throughout, faultless in fact.

The Muhle Sophist range is made with luxury materials including real horn and porcelain. The Sophist collection is regarded as a design classic which symbolises the archetype of traditional shaving culture. Connoisseurs love the harmonious combination of classic form and fine materials. We particularly like the 4 Piece Buffalo Horn Safety Razor Set, simply stunning. While their Stylo 3 Piece Set made from Thuya Wood is simple in design but like everything Muhle make its simplicity is the key to its looks and practicality.

Merkur of Germany is known for producing well-made and functional products but there’s something more than good build quality and functionality about the Futur 4 Piece Set, it comes with a frosted glass shaving bowl, an adjustable safety razor and a high quality silvertip shaving brush.
Merkur also deserve plaudits for their 3 Piece Black & Chrome Set, they break with tradition and show off the razor and brush on a circular, chrome plated stand that is so different to the usual T shaped stands they and others make. The silvertip brush and safety razor are finished in black and chrome, futuristic yet comfortingly traditional too.

For men who prefer a cartridge blade the Dalvey Mach3 Set deserves a mention. This Scottish brand prides itself on quality, design and style and their shaving set is typical of what Dalvey does better than other brands. For example, engraved on the steel band which is fitted on the waist of the shaving brush is ‘Dalvey’, the base of the brush features a sunken stainless steel insert with the words ‘Best Badger and Scotland’ engraved. How cool is that?

Written by Brian Mulreany
Sales Director
The Executive Shaving Company

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