Travel Shaving Brush

What is so different about a travel shaving brush that I need to go out and buy one?Travel Shaving Brush

Why can't I take the shaving brush I use every day when travelling?

These are valid questions and nobody wants to have the extra expense of buying a travel shaving brush without good reason. The travelling shaving brush is designed so that it is protected when on your travels, ensuring that your expensive badger hair shaving brush does not become victim to harsh handling when on route.

The protection of the travel shaving brush is afforded in the design of the brush itself. The handle is made of robust material so that when the brush is inserted into its container it becomes as safe as Fort Knox.

The Executive Shaving Company has a fantastic range of travel shaving brushes. Stylish, robust and made of the finest quality badger hair or synthetic fibres, ownership of one of these brushes is essential for the businessman on the move or for other regular travellers. These brushes, like almost all Executive Shaving Company products, make ideal gifts for the man in your life.

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