The RB-NO5 Titanium Limited Edition Safety Razor

The RB-NO5 Titanium Limited Edition Safety Razor is the creation of JP Razors. At £2,008.00 it is the most expensive new safety razor in the world.
Established by two friends JP Razors was determined to create the ultimate iconic razor for wet shaving that could be defined by its legacy and performance. You will find no mass produced or cheap imported components on the RB-NO5. Instead the parts are made from Red Bull Formula 1 racing cars. A certificate and letter of authenticity confirms the origins of the parts. The razor is certainly different looking to the usual Feather, Muhle and Merkur safety razors that are out there, the gear wheel shaped base and titanium handle add real individuality to this safety razor and I have never seen such stunning packaging as this razor arrived in. The black coloured, handmade leather case is superby made and a fitting, luxury accompanyment to the most expensive new safety razor you can buy.

Limited Edition
JP Razors made only 5 of these razors making them extremely rare, immediately prized and valued.

About the razor
The head of the razor was made by Above the Tie (ATT) in the USA and our razor benefits from the highly rated and much loved stainless steel R1 head. R1 stands for Regular, Closed Comb. Expect a close yet very comfortable, fuss-free shave from the R1. JP Razors have re-engineered the R1 head by polishing it to a wonderfully shiny finish that matches exactly the titanium handle. The Titanium handle is naturally more robust than any other metal known to man, delivering high levels of hygiene and corrosion resistance. The splined base sits perfectly in the palm of the hand for a secure, non-slip grip and the razor can be set down standing upright for shaving. After shaving, rest the razor in the stand. The razor is characterised by a superb, shiny finish on the upper part of the handle and a matte finish on the lower part which then forms into a splined base, on the underside you can clearly read the Red Bull code for this part which is 'RB4-FS-00295-01 #1023OF'. The handle is 90mm long, the upper part is 10mm diameter which increases to 12.5mm diameter. The splined part is 20mm in diameter while the razor weighs in at a reassuring 90g.
The support arm the razor rests in was made from a rear suspension rocker while the base is made from formula 1 carbon fibre.

Letter & Certificate of Authenticity
The razor comes complete with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Paul Miller of JP Razors and a Letter of Authenticity signed by John Haigh of Racing Gold. The certificate and letter confirm the razor handle is made from a front wheel torsion bar from a Red Bull Formula One racing car while the support the razor rests in is formed from a rear suspension rocker. The support rests on a Formula 1 carbon fibre base. 

The razor is packed in a black leather case which was handmade by Leathersmith of London. The box is lined internally and it features a magnetic closure. The case also features a metallic inlay with the identification number of this razor and a strap on the underside of the lid which holds the Certificate and Letter of Authority.
About JP Razors: JP Razors is a joint venture project backed by Racing Gold, noted for their creative re-working of Formula 1 car components, and Lancelot Lancaster White, producers of luxury interiors and gifts. 

Bespoke engineering, superior materials and limited editions don't come cheap and this razor and stand is certainly expensive but this is an item of great beauty and it's sure to become a collectors piece in years to come. 

Brian Mulreany
Sales Director
The Executive Shaving Company
28th March 2017

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