The new ATX All Terrain Razor from HeadBlade

HeadBlade ATX RazorThe new HeadBlade ATX All Terrain razor has been three years in development.

The revolutionary design makes head shaving easy, quick and safe. Unlike the previous models of HeadBlade razors, the ATX All Terrain razor can also be used to shave your head, face and body.

The concept behind HeadBlade razors is 'shave by feel' and the new ATX All Terrain razor has a rubberised finger ring for a custom fit.

The blades on the ATX razor also automatically pivot on the custom spring mounted adaptor to eliminate the chances of nicking yourself while shaving.

It will take you a few shaves to get used to shaving with a HeadBlade razor. However, we have outlined some instructions below to ensure you get the best results from your HeadBlade razor as quickly as possible.

1. When shaving your head, position the ATX All Terrain razor on your middle finger between the first and second knuckle

2. It is vital you keep the front wheels in contact with the scalp at all times

3. Leading with the wheels, drive the ATX razor using long, smooth strokes

4. Shave the right side of your head with your right hand and the left side with your left hand

5. To go in different directions, turn the HeadBlade ATX around 180 degrees on your finger 6. To shave the face and body using the ATX, hold the razor between the thumb, index finger and middle finger (just like you would hold a conventional cartridge razor)

For more information on all the HeadBlade range of head shaving products and the HeadBlade ATX click here.

Written by Brian Mulreany,
Sales Director at The Executive Shaving Company.
Telephone: 0141 880 3040

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