The Merkur 30C Safety Razor Review

Test Shaving With The Merkur 30C Razor merkur 30c de razor

The Merkur 30C Launched in late 2011, since then it has been a steady seller since Executive Shaving Company sold it's first 30C in early 2012.

I wanted to test shave this razor for two weeks so that I can speak with first hand knowledge on how it compares against the top selling trio of the Muhle R89, the Merkur 34C and the Merkur 33C. My two weeks were up this morning and I have to say there is absolutely no reason why the Merkur 30C can't become one of the all time top sellers.

First impressions were, wow, it's no ordinary looking Merkur. The black handle isn't knurled it's deeply grooved. This razor looks like a 21st Century razor and not a 1950s retro reproduction.  At 58g in weight and with a short 58 mm long handle this is a small, light razor. 

I shaved with Personna Blades throughout the test period and Castle Forbes Lavender Shaving Cream.
So how does the 30C shave?
I loved its lightness and its incredible maneuverability, the only razor that comes close to its maneuverability is the Goodfella.

As such, the 30C is a very, very fast shaver, perfect for a quickie shave when time is at a premium. Problem parts of my face for shaving such as under the nostrils and under my jawline were no problem to the 30C as it zipped around my face like a Vespa in Rome during rush hour.
No matter how wet my hands were and how soapy and creamy the handle got, not once did the black coated, aluminium handle slip and not once did I have to adjust my grip due to slippage.

The Grooved Handle

The deeply grooved handle is comfortable to use yet always providing a firm grip when in use.

The razor has a chrome knob at the end of the handle where my pinky finger lightly rested giving me pefect balance and a counterweight to the weight in the head. 

The Razor Head

The 30C has the same the familiar shaving head as the 34c, 38c and other closed comb, non adjustable Merkurs which is a tried and tested head that gives a good all-round, close shave. The 30C is well finished, the chrome plating on mine was spot on and the blade was 100% centred on the head. I always change my blade after 3 or 4 shaves and changing the blade was simple, safe and fast. Being a three piece razor, to change the blade you grip the ends of the head, turn the handle anti clockwise and the head and base-plate separate, pop the new blade in and reassemble.

In Summary

I would certainly class myself as an experienced safety razor user, I've tried dozens over the years including ones from Parker, iKon, Feather, Goodfella, Merkur, Muhle and others and I would put the 30C into the top 10 right up there with the Gillette Slim, the Merkur 34C and what I consider the benchmark in terms of finish, performance and price the glorious Muhle R89. I would heartily recommend the Merkur 30C to anyone but to inexperienced shavers and complete newbies in particular due to it's lightness, ease of use and especially that lovely looking, non slip handle that newbies will surely appreciate.

I can't think of a negative except the packaging is typically Merkur i.e flimsy cardboard.

In Conclusion

A very well deserved 9 out of 10, (a point was lost due to the packaging).

To buy the Merkur 30C click here.

Written by Brian Mulreany,
Sales Director at The Executive Shaving Company.
Telephone: 0141 880 3040

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