The Braveheart Safety Razor Anniversary Set

It’s now five years since we tentatively launched The Braveheart Safety Razor. Since then it has never been out of our monthly top five selling safety razors and that’s saying something when you consider it’s up against the Muhle R89, R41 and R106, the Merkur 34c and Futur and the magnificent Feather razors. Users give The Braveheart excellent reviews. This morning I came into three Braveheart sales from the USA and that’s fairly typical and for whatever reason, the Scandinavians love The Braveheart!
The Braveheart Safety Razor SetSo what is the appeal of The Braveheart?

  • It’s a closer shaving razor than most so fewer passes are needed to get a close shave and fewer passes lead to less post-shave skin irritation.
  • The Braveheart will do in two passes what most razors would do in three passes so less time is spent at the bathroom sink.
  • It benefits from a solid stainless steel handle which adds good heft and balance to the razor.
  • The knurling on the handle is deep which delivers a very firm grip even when wet.
  • The price point, at only £40.00 you’re getting a lot of razor for your money.

To celebrate this five year anniversary, we have today launched The Braveheart Anniversary Set which includes the razor, a solid stainless steel Bullet Razor Stand and a packet each of the best safety razor blades money can buy from Feather, Personna and Gillette Silver Blue.
Bought individually these products would cost £68.50, buy as a set for only £58.00.

Prices correct at 3rd April 2019
Written by Brian Mulreany
Sales Director
T: 00 (44) 141 880 3040

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