The Bolin Webb Mach3 Razor Review

Here's a review of the all new Bolin Webb Mach3 R1 Razor. bolin webb mach3 razor

If you thought there was nothing a designer could do to a razor that would excite you think again! Looking like something from the set of the movie Matrix, the Bolin Webb R1 razor certainly looks strikingly different but is it any good?

I'm a dyed in the wool safety razor man, I'm currently enjoying, depending on my mood and how much time I've got, the Merkur 30c, a Muhle R89 and the awesome Cobra, all of which have different characteristics and shave differently too. One thing they all deliver is a very close yet comfortable shave.

My first impression of the Bolin Webb Mach3 R1 Razor is how totally unique it looks. According to the marketing blurb its design is inspired by the automotive industry. I can see where this comes from, the handle sweeps down like the bonnet of the Maserati Granturismo while the high sheen, lacquered, paint finish is very car like, indeed Bolin Webb freely borrow car colours from leading names such as Mercedes, Porsche and Ferrari.

It's available in eight racey colours, Jet Black, Argent, Graphite Grey, Alpine, Monza Red, Blue 3000, Ferrara Yellow and Signal Orange.

How Does It Shave?

The moment of truth, 7.30 am, Jazz FM playing in the background, my face is lathered up nicely having used my Executive Shaving Super Badger Hair Brush with Castle Forbes Lime Shaving Cream, I'm ready to go.

The razor shaves well enough, Mach3 blades have been around for years now, the new generation Mach3's use thinner, finer blades with Gillette's most advanced low resistance coating, according to Gillette these new generation blades will provide a close, comfortable shave.

The razor is light in the hand and despite its long 120 mm handle it is easy to maneuver around the tricky under the nostrils and chin areas. Despite my wet, slippy hands, my grip was never compromised as the underside of the handle benefits from a non slip underside that is made from bacteria-resistant rubber for grip and hygiene.

I did three passes with the razor, two with the grain and one against the grain, the results were good and I enjoyed the Bolin Webb shave experience.

The new generation of Gillette Mach3 ® Cartridge Blades use thinner, finer blades, with Gillette's most advanced low resistance coating. Designed for less tug and pull, these new generation blades will provide a close, comfortable shave. The problem with cartridge type blades such as Gillette Mach3 and Fusion is the blades blunt after three or four shaves and the replacement costs are astronomically high, at the time of writing the cheapest Mach3's are £2.00 each.

As such we will recommend to every buyer that they also buy a RazorPit Razor Blade Sharpener which increases the blade life to up to 150 shaves per blade. At only £19.50 the RazorPit pays for itself quickly and ensures a comfortable, close shave every time.

Bolin Webb should now develop a Double Edge Safety Razor head, as every serious wet shaver knows the shave from a safety razor beats the shave from a Mach3 razor every time and economically it would surely make sense to offer both options.

I will not buy one for myself, I'm a committed safety razor user but this razor will appeal to the young, style conscious types who value looks as much as they value performance.

The £40.00 price tag is hefty but price is seldom the deciding factor for guys who want quality and style. The razor comes in a smart Bolin Webb branded, black cardboard box, ideal if buying a gift for a loved one.

I rate the Bolin Webb razor a 7/10, three points off for the Mach 3 blade, otherwise it's a nice bit of shaving kit.

To view the range and buy online click here.

Written by Brian Mulreany,
Sales Director at The Executive Shaving Company.
Telephone: 0141 880 3040

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