The Bluebeards Revenge Range

The Bluebeards Revenge RangeThe Bluebeards Revenge is a premium range of luxury, paraben-free shaving and skincare products aim at 'manly' men. The Bluebeards Revenge promise is to deliver 'The Ultimate Shaving Experience For Real Men'.

We have recently expanded our Bluebeard Revenge range to include Pre-Shave Oil, Shaving Cream, Aftershave Balm and their Mach3 Razor.

The Bluebeards Revenge Pre Shave Oil should be used prior to applying the shaving cream. The Pre Shave Oil will moisturise the beard and provide a protective layer over the skin, allowing the razor to glide.

The Bluebeards Revenge shaving cream is not like any other shaving cream. Both the Bluebeards Revenge's shaving cream and post shave balm contain DecelerineTM which reduces beard growth and provides a recovering effect on the skin.

Using The Bluebeard Revenge shaving cream and post shave daily also virtually eradicates shaving rash, burn and razor bumps. The Bluebeards Revenge will give you a clean, smooth, painless shave.

All the Bluebeard Revenge products come in distinctive manly packaging, embossed proudly with the skull and crossbones.

For more information or to buy our Bluebeards Revenge products, click the link below:

The Bluebeards Revenge Range

Written by Brian Mulreany,
Sales Director, The Executive Shaving Company
Tel: 0141 880 3040


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