The Blue Dovo Shavette

blue dovo shavette The range of Dovo straight razor shavettes are an affordable alternative to straight razors and are used by both newcomers and experienced straight razor shavers. This week we added the smart Blue Dovo Shavette to our range.

Experienced straight razor users appreciate the close shave, ease of use and the sheer delight of straight shaving without the need for hones and strops - especially beneficial for travelling.

For newcomers to straight razor shaving, the cost of starting out is reduced considerably as the Dovo Shavette uses disposable double edge (DE) razor blades. This eliminates the need to buy a hone, strop and other accessories which are associated with straight razors.

With the Dovo Shavette, you get a choice of replacement blades:

Double Edge (DE) Safety Razor Blades - Simply snap a DE blade in two, line the blades up in a Red Blade Holder, slide in into the Shavette and you're ready to shave.

Dovo One Piece Shavette DE Blades - Snap in two, slide the blade into a Black Blade Holder and you're good to go. Changing the blades in the Dovo Shavette couldn't be easier.

At £30.50, the Dovo Shavettes are a great and affordable way of learning the straight razor shave. For more information or to buy the Dovo Shavette, please click the link below: Dovo Shavette disposable blade straight razors

Written by Brian Mulreany,
Sales Director, The Executive Shaving Company
Tel: 0141 880 3040


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