Sensitive Skin Shaving Problem - HELP!

From Giuseppe, Italy 11th May 2012 man shaving

Q: I have very sensitive skin. I'm using the eShave Almond Pre-Shave Oil, eShave Orange Sandalwood Shaving Cream. Is this a mistake or would you recommend another one to try.

A: eShave products are known to be very mild on the skin, I would be surprised if it's the eShave products that are causing you sensitive skin issues.

Make sure you are using a sharp blade and shaving with the grain at least on the first and second pass with the razor. Sometimes for no obvious reason your skin can react to a shaving product.

I have been using Vulfix Sandalwood Shaving Cream without any problems until one day an hour or so after shaving my face became sore and very blotchy on the shaved area and my cheek in particular. I did nothing different to normal, same water, same brush same technique yet my skin had an adverse reaction. 

Try this, stop using eShave and try something like Fitjar Shea Pleasure without any Pre-Shave. Shea Pleasure is highly regarded and contains special ingredients for a smooth shave if you have sensitive skin.

After shaving use a skin friendly moisturiser such as Taylor's lovely Jermyn Street After Shave Balm or Fitjar Hand Made Moisturising Cream. Both these products are designed to aid and soothe sensitive skin after shaving.

If the problem persists then you know it's not a shaving related problem, if the problems stops then you know to switch from eShave. As I mentioned earlier, eShave products are very skin friendly so I would be surprised if they are to blame.

Written by Brian Mulreany,
Sales Director, The Executive Shaving Company
Tel: 0141 880 3040

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