Safety Razors That Deliver A Close Shave

Four Close Shaving, Assertive Safety Razors

A close shaving, assertive safety razor will have a larger gap and more blade exposure than medium and mild shaving safety razors. Men with tough, dense beard bristles will benefit from using a close shaving safety razor. A major plus factor in choosing a close shaving razor is that you will need fewer passes to get a close shave and fewer passes leads to less skin irritation and less time spent at the bathroom sink.

How we rate the closeness of the shave:
We rate a cut throat razor as a 10/10 for closeness, then we compare the shave from the four razors we have tested versus a cut throat razor shave and mark them out of 10.

Here are four safety razors that deliver a closer shave than standard razors such as the Merkur 34c, the Muhle R89 series and the Jagger 89.

The Muhle R41 (pictured), many shaving bloggers including me rate this as the most assertive, close shaving safety razor. The head is different to other open comb razors as it features scalloped gaps which expose lots of blade. The R41 is by far our top selling, close shaving safety razor. The head is available with various handles including the Grande which has a longer, thicker handle, Rosegold, and Black as well as matching brushes and stands.
Made in Germany
In a few words: Very high quality and tremendous value for money.
Cost: £32.50
Closeness rating: 9/10

FaTip, this razor is as cheap as chips and very close shaving. I don’t think I have seen one that has been flawless; they all seem to have lumpy and uneven chrome plating. Like the R14 this is an open comb razor but there the similarity ends. The open tooth comb head feels scratchy on the skin and the short handle will not be to everyone’s liking.
Made in Italy
In a few words: Not for me, poor build quality.
Cost: £20.00
Closeness rating: 7/10

Above the Tie (ATT) H1 Kronos, made in Tennessee, USA from 303-grade stainless steel. There’s lots of blade exposure and blade gap on this razor while the Kronos handle is chunky and delivers a firm grip. The H1 Kronos is very well made albeit the plain steel finish may not appeal to all men. I would describe this razor as a fuss-free, no-frills shaver that will give a smooth shave in two passes.
Made in the USA
In a few words: A lifetime razor, very efficient.
Cost: £170.00
Closeness rating: 8/10

Parker 65R, This is an unusual looking razor, it's very eye-catching in black with gold coloured inlays in a vague Arabesque pattern. In any case, the handle delivers a supremely firm grip when wet. This is not as close shaving as the Muhle R41 but it is highly efficient and smooth on the face. Best used when you have at least two days growth to mow down.
Made in India
In a few words: Sensational value for money, good performer.
Cost: £20.00
Closeness rating: 8/10

Finally, no matter which safety razor you use, you really should have a look at our Safety Razor Tutorial Video for all the tips you’ll ever need.
Prices correct at 26th Jan' 2018.

Written by Brian Mulreany
Sales Director at The Executive Shaving Company
If you have any questions, please get in touch:
T: 0141 880 3040 (0041 880 3040)

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