Safety Razor Wet Shaver Gift Set

New Starter Safety Razor Gift Set

For the first time Wet Shaver a Safety Razor Shaving Gift Set makes the perfect gift. Executive Shaving has launched a range of three Safety Razor Gift Sets that compliment their extensive Shaving Set Gift Range perfectly.starter safety razor gift set

  1. The Executive Shaving Safety Razor Starter Gift Set
  2. The Executive Shaving  8 Piece Safety Razor Gift Set
  3. The Executive Shaving Deluxe Safety Razor Gift Set

Looking at the Starter Set (we'll introduce to you the other two sets another time), which is unique to Executive Shaving, it includes:

Weishi Safety Razor (easy to use, most suitable for beginners)

Badger Shaving Brush (start with the best)

10 Merkur Safety Razor Blades (long lasting and excellent to use)

Taylors Sandalwood Shaving Soap (luxury soap and the choice of many experienced wet shavers)

A cool acrylic lathering bowl (for lathering up the soap with the badger brush)

Large, durable Wash Bag Travel Bag (perfect for keeping everything in the one place and for travel)

This set is ideal for someone who has thought about shaving with a safety razor for the first time or for the perfect gift as everything needed to start safety razor wet shaving is included in the starter set.

Wet Shavers who use a safety razor often comment that they experience the closest shave ever, less skin problems and less shaving burn after using a safety razor for at least 4-weeks. Save 15% - Great saving on cost If you buy the items that make up the set individually they cost £65.87. You can however buy this practical and stylish Safety Razor Starter Gift Set for only £55.98 from Executive Shaving.

Written by Brian Mulreany,
Sales Director, The Executive Shaving Company
Tel: 0141 880 3040

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