Product Shortages - COVID19

Q: I want to buy Extro Cosmesi Cipresso Aftershave but it’s out of stock, when will it be available?
We are getting lots of emails and ‘phone calls from customers wanting to buy out of stock items. Extro Cipresso Aftershave

The problem we find ourselves in is many of our suppliers during the pandemic are finding it very difficult to source the raw materials they need to make the items we need for a variety of reasons. For example, Extro Cosmesi who are based in Italy, are finding it difficult to source alcohol they need for their aftershaves. Alcohol stocks have been mostly exhausted as manufacturers worldwide bought up as much alcohol as they could to make santisers and cleaning products.
Extro Cosmesi can supply most shaving creams we need but transport costs from Italy to Scotland means it’s more cost effective for us to wait until they can supply everything we need.

Castle Forbes are having issues sourcing the raw materials they need to make their perfumes, balms and shaving creams partly due to the failure of  the lavender harvest in Mexico. Lavender can be commercially sourced from Scotland and France, but Castle Forbes will only use Mexican lavender which they tell me is the very best quality they can source. This is why stocks of their products have been limited or sold out recently.
Our Horn Lathering Bowls have been out of stock for a week or two, they are made in India and India like most countries, was in lockdown for a long period. Sonny, my supplier tells me that we should have bowls in the next two weeks as India slowly gets back to normal.

We were out of Pinaud Clubman products for two months, the supplier closed their warehouse on 23rd March and only reopened with a skeleton staff last week, thankfully it only took them a few days to get a large order out to us and Pinaud Clubman splashes, talc and gels have been flying off the shelves ever since.

Other brands whose supplies have been badly affected by the pandemic include Stef Baxter (shaving bowls), Vielong (animal friendly shaving brushes), and Parker (razors and leatherware). Things do seem to be getting back to normal, but I do think we will have ongoing supply problems for some time.
Thank you for your patience and thank you for your custom over the past three months.

Brian Mulreany
Sales Director
18th June 2020.

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