Parker InjRzr Adjustable Single Edge Razor

Parker InjRzr Adjustable Single Edge Razor
Parker has been around since 1973, they’re based in India and owned by a great guy called Deepak Grover. Deepak has in the past few years shifted the Parker razor range from mostly basic three-piece safety razors to semi-slant head, butterfly doors, an open and closed comb head razor and an adjustable razor. The new generation Parker razors are better engineered and finished compared to the older models.
Now Deepak has developed a Single Edge Adjustable Razor the InjRzr which borrows a few design features from the 1960s-79s American made Schick razors.
The InjRzr is made from stainless steel with a ridged plastic handle grip. It’s a lightweight razor yet due to the shape of the handle the grip is never anything less than sure.
The InjRzr features an adjustment dial with 5 x settings, dial to number 1 for the mildest shave, dial-up to number 5 for the closest shave. Turning the dial changes the blade gap, the bigger the number the more blade is exposed, more blade exposure delivers a closer shave.

The razor uses injector blades which are very easy to load into the blade holder. According to Parker, the user should expect 3-7 shaves from each blade. Personally, I think blade life will be in the 5-10 shaves region depending on your beard type. Parker is being overly conservative with their estimate.
A typical double edge safety razor blade is 0.09mm thick and has a cutting edge of 37mm.
Parkers injection blades are 0.22mm thick and 38mm long so they’re more than 2 x thicker than a DE blade, the resulting rigidity is what delivers a great shave. There is no blade chatter with a blade this thick and the rigidity means a closer shave in fewer passes, the holy grail for wet shavers.
The stainless steel blades are £12.99 for 20 or £1.50 per blade, they can be recycled.

My Five Parker InjRzr Adjustable Single Edge Razor shaves:
I have almost solely been using a Claymore Single Edge Razor since October 2021, the Claymore is a weighty 110g while the InjRzr is a much lighter 35g, the lightness did feel rather strange to begin with but I adapted and started to shave on setting 1.  I had read the handy instructions that come with the razor and I stuck faithfully to Parker's advice using a shallow 10-15 degrees angle I shaved with the grain and then against the grain. The top of the razor head should lay flat against your skin with this shallow angle, so you don’t have to think about what 10-15 degrees looks like in the mirror.

The difference between the results from my Claymore and the InjRzr was disappointing, but in fairness, it was my first attempt with it. The next day I opted for setting 2 and wowzer, what a difference! This was what I was hoping for, a much closer shave in two passes, I still needed a few tidy-up passes under my jawline and under my bottom lip but setting 2 made a big difference.
Days 3-5 saw steady improvements and by day 5 I wasn’t really having to think much about what I was doing, the InjRzr became very intuitive to use. I still needed two full passes and a tidy up here and there, but the end results were good.
The 5 x used blade felt as smooth on my skin as it felt when it was new but I wanted to see how easy or complicated it is to change a blade.  Thankfully, I had no concerns or problems changing the blade, once again Parker’s instructions and diagrams were most helpful. I changed the blade in seconds. It was safe and easy to do with no fuss and no faffing around.
I didn’t feel the need to dial-up from setting 2, that setting worked well for me although I would be tempted to go for a higher setting if I hadn’t shaved for a week or so.
Summing Up:
The InjRzr will appeal particularly to men on a budget and men who have tough bristles and or sensitive skin, at only £35.00 the InjRzr is good value for money, it compares favourably at price to the Muhle R89 range, Jagger, Timor and Merkur Razors.
The InjRzr will not replace my Claymore for daily use but I will use it from time to time and I absolutely will use it when I’m on my travels.
Read more here, buy here and check out some images.

  • Razor type: Adjustable Injector Razor
  • Blade Type: Standard Injector Style Razor Blades – loaded with one new blade
  • Weight: 1.24 oz./35g
  • Length: 4.96 in./126mm
  • Handle material: Stainless Steel & with Ridged Plastic Grip
  • Comes loaded with one Parker Injector Blade – please use caution when unboxing

Compiled by Brian Mulreany
Sales Director
Prices correct on 17th February 2022

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