New, Executive Shaving Real Horn Shaving Brushes

Yet another shaving brush? I hear you groan, but hold on, these new brushes are hugely different from the run of the mill plastic handle and badger hair brushes that currently dominate the market.

How so, what's so different about them?
Well for a start the handles are not moulded, instead they are individually lathe turned and polished.

Anything else?
Yes, you can choose from traditional badger hair or Generation 2 synthetic fibre.

What's the big deal there?
The badger hair is luxurious Silvertip grade, the finest grade you can buy while the synthetic hair is super-soft on the face and dries almost instantly.

Surely they're £100 or more?
Nope, amazingly we're selling them for only £40.00.

I guess they're tiny at that price?
Well no actually, they benefit from generous knots of hair with a 50mm loft and a 20mm knot while the handle is nicely sized too at 50mm long.

What's the catch?
There is no catch!  Read more and buy online:
Check out our range of badger hair shaving brushes.
Check out our range of synthetic hair shaving brushes.

Written by Brian Mulreany
Sales Director at The Executive Shaving Company


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