New Executive Shaving Company Shaving Brush

This week, we have launched the latest addition to our range of Executive Shaving Company shaving brushes - the Executive Shaving Best Badger hair shaving brush. esc ivory brush

The new shaving brush is made with soft best badger hair and comes with an imitation ivory handle with the distinctive Executive Shaving logo on the front.

What's more, were giving away a free drip stand with the Executive Shaving brush!

The drip stand allows the brush to dry and aerate naturally, prolonging its life.

Using a shaving brush to apply your cream of soap is beneficial as it lifts and softens the hair, ensuring you need to apply minimal pressure with the razor to achieve a close shave.

At only £28.00 the Executive Shaving best badger brush & drip stand is a great buy! To buy our new shaving brush, click the link below: Executive Shaving Best Badger Brush & Free Drip Stand

Written by Brian Mulreany,
Sales Director, The Executive Shaving Company
Tel: 0141 880 3040

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