New Beard Wash with Anti Frizz Conditioners

The Executive Shaving Company Beard Wash with Anti Frizz Conditioners (100ml)ESC beard wash

Our growing range of Beard & Moustache Care Products now includes our very own Beard Wash with Anti Frizz Conditioners.
OK you may ask but what’s different about this beard wash compared to others out there in beardy land?

Firstly, it’s all-natural, there’s no nasty chemicals in this beard wash.

Secondly, it contains olive, coconut and castor oils, palm free glycerine. In fact this beard wash is loaded with glycerine, a natural humectant (a substance that retains water) that will condition your facial forest, reduce bread frizz and moisturise the skin under your beard banishing beard itch and redness.

Thirdly, this beard wash smells absolutely sensational! A blend of lime and patchouli essential oils deliver a truly unique and complex scent that lingers tantalisingly after use.

What else should I know?
It’s made in Scotland home of the best whiskies, beers and now (we think) the best Beard Conditioner in the world.
The high quality ingredients used mean that you only need a little product to wash even the bushiest of beards.
An unkempt beard is a massive turn off for ladies, to find a suitable lady friend or keep the one you’ve got, you’ve got to look good.
An unkempt beard signals that you don’t really care about personal hygiene and ladies don’t want to snuggle up to an unhygienic, hairy beast. So if you want to get the girl buy this product.

Finally, how to use:  Dispense two or three pumps into the palm of your hand, use your hands to work up a nice lather with a little warm water, massage this gently into the beard then rinse.

Written by Brian Mulreany, Sales Director at The Executive Shaving Company.
T: 0141 880 3040 (0044 141 880 3040)

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