Limited Edition New Straight Razor - a work of art!

Thiers-Issard Hand Made Boxed Oak Wing G Razor Set Numbered Limited Edition of Only 450 Thiers-Issard Hand Made Boxed Oak Wing G Razor Set

Hand Made in France, this is the beautiful Limited Edition Oak Wing G Boxed Straight Razor Set. The G is a homage to Grelot - an earlier brand of straight razors.

Only 450 Oak Wing Boxed G's Straight Razors were made, each set is individually numbered. This set is a collectors piece today, it will become even more valuable in the future.

The razor scales are made from chocolate coloured Figured Maple. The box is made from the same Figured Maple but with a simple varnish finish. 

The Razor

The Limited Edition Oak Wing G Boxed Straight Razor Set is as much a work of art as a razor! It's 151 mm long and 7/8ths wide, the blade is made from rare, forged Carbonsong C 135 Steel. Finished in a faultless mirror finish with an amazing, intricate custom engraved design cut into the spine of the blade.

The custom engraving is excusivley for this razor, it features the letter G (for Grelot) flanked by bells, oak leaves and arabesques (see image). Only Thiers-Issard razors are finished to this high artistic standard.

The thumb notch and upper side of the shank have been machine serrated to provide a safe and comfortable grip.

The Scales

The Figured Maple Wood scales were specially produced for the Oak Wing G razors. The scales have been pressure treated with a plastic resin and pigmented dye, giving extra strength and depth of colour. The plastic / dye combination has been forced into the cellular structure of the wood which makes them extremely resistant to water damage. These scales are not 'stamina wood scales' - they are made from solid, Figured Maple.

The Box

The stunning box is made from the same Figured Maple as the razor scales, this box is truly beautiful. Unlike the scales, the box has not been dyed - only varnished to give an interesting colour contrast to the razor scales. The lid of the box is inlaid in polished brass with the Thiers-Issard Silverwing Emblem which includes the number of your limited edition set. Lined in red velvet, the box also benefits from brass hinges. Such is the hand made nature of this box, no two boxes are identical. Length - 216 mm Width - 48 mm at widest point Height - 26 mm

Numbers Available 081 083 086 If you specifically want a particular number, please email us at with the number of your choice.

Written by Brian Mulreany,
Sales Director, The Executive Shaving Company
Tel: 0141 880 3040

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