Is This The Best Safety Razor Shaving Set Ever?

Well, if it's not the absolute best it's certainly right up there with the very best. This super-smart Merkur Safety Razor, Shaving Brush and Stand Set epitomises German engineering, style and design perfectly. The fuss free yet free flowing lines of the chrome plated stand raise the bar for shaving set design while the sleek combination of sheer black and shiny chrome will appeal to men of all ages.

About the Set

The Brush
This beautiful shaving brush made of black resin and shiny chrome uses Silvertip Badger Hair which is a top grade of badger hair, ideal for lathering up your favourite shaving soap or cream. Silvertip hair feels very soft on the face.

The Razor
The Merkur 20c has an unusual, deeply grooved, high quality, black handle that feels just right in the hand. The handle on the 20c is topped off with a chrome plated metal knob with the Merkur logo which is an excellent counter-weight to the head. Merkur Safety Razors are known for giving smooth, close, comfortable shaves.

The Stand
This Merkur stand made of chrome has an extremely stylish design comprising of two overlapping back to back semi circles. Hanging your brush allows it to aerate, drying the brush properly and prolonging its life while your razor will benefit hygienically from being off the work surface.

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Written by Brian Mulreany,
Sales Director at The Executive Shaving Company.
Tel: 0141 880 3040


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