Goodfella Safety Razors - New In At Executive Shaving

Goodfella safety razors - CLICK HEREIf you like the open comb design, want a light and easy to use safety razor, demand high quality workmanship and desire a really nice shave then the Goodfella razor is for you.

The Goodfella open comb safety razor is a contemporary take on the classic double edge razor. Goodfella has orchestrated computer-aided design and modern materials to create a product of today's technology that is built to last.

Available in two finishes, Goodfella Safety Razors are perfectly balanced allowing the weight of the razor to deliver the blade at the optimum cutting angle resulting in a smooth and close, yet mild shave. Each part is produced and hand finished in New Zealand by Goodfella's skilled team who are passionate about their trades - that passion sustains Goodfella's lifetime guarantee.

The Story Behind Goodfella Safety Razors

Andrew James, the founding director of Kiwishaver Ltd. had been shaving with a safety razor for many years but couldn't find one that he liked to replace the old one given to him by his mother-in-law. From there, with the aid of today's technology the Goodfella razor was born - named after those 'goodfellas' who helped in it's creation and that old 'goodfella', my wife's grandfather who's original razor sent me on this journey.

Benefits of using a Goodfella Safety Razor

Precision made, hand built shaving razor

Inexpensive razor blades

Improves skin condition

Enjoy a traditional wet shave

Easy to use and very safe

Will last a lifetime

For more information or buy a Goodfella safety razor click the link below. Goodfella Safety Razors.

Written by Brian Mulreany,
Sales Director, The Executive Shaving Company
Tel: 0141 880 3040

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