Goodfella Safety Razors Choose Your Bristle Slayer

Goodfella razors are designed, manufactured and built in New Zealand. The original Goodfella with its small size, low profile head and stainless steel handle has been a big seller for a few years. Now the classic has been joined by a black chrome version, a long handle version and a brand new long handle closed comb razor.

The open comb models benefit from a low profile head which makes shaving under the nose and shaving up close to sideburns easy compared to the bulbous heads on most safety razors.
For a mild shave opt for the open comb models, the head will never get clogged with bristles and lather so there is less pressure exerted on your face.
The closed comb model will deliver a slightly more aggressive shave than the Merkur 34c, Muhle R89 and Jagger 89 (same heads).
The head of the black chrome version is finished with the same black chrome used on mag wheels so you know it's built to last.
All Goodfella razors benefit from solid, stainless steel handles; this gives the razor the welcoming heft that most safety razors lack.

We really like these razors; they are well finished and effective shavers. Browse the Goodfella range here.

Written by Brian Mulreany
Sales Director at The Executive Shaving Company


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