Goodfella Safety Razor Review

Goodfella Safety Razor Review

The Goodfella Safety Razor is a new take on the traditional safety razor. But how does the newbie Goodfella Safety Razor actually perform?

The Goodfella Safety Razor is up against some serious opposition from market leaders Merkur, Muhle, Parker, Feather and Cobra and a few others.

I rated the Goodfella out of 10 on the following criteria:

1) Closeness of the shave after two passes shaving with the grain

2) Ease of use

3) Affordability

4) Looks 

I deliberately did not shave for three days so the Goodfella had a good, heavy growth to contend with. Along with the Goodfella, I used Taylors Jermyn Street Shaving Cream and a new Merkur razor blade.

The first thing that strikes you about the Goodfella is its size, its small, much smaller and lighter than say the Merkur 34C and the Muhle R89, its also open comb. I had my doubts that two passes with this little razor would do the job.

The first pass went fine, nice and quick, the Goodfella is very manoeuvrable, it easily shaved my problem areas such as directly under the nostrils and under the chin. The Goodfella coped well with my stubble and shaved with that familiar rasping sound that is much loved by most wet shaving enthusiasts. I was pleasantly surprised by the closeness of the first pass not bad at all.

The second pass was done much slower, taking my time, applying minimal pressure to the razor, allowing the razorblade to do the work. The thinness of the shaving head allows the razor blade to get right under the nostrils and shaving the bottom of my sideburns was so quick and easy again due to the thinness of the head. The second pass was good, very good in fact, a third final pass would be required to get the 'baby bum smooth' feel that wet shavers crave but most guys would settle for the shave I got without the need for a third pass.

So, how did the Goodfella score?

1) Closeness of shave is very good. 9/10

2) Ease of use - The smallness of the razor may not suit everyone especially those with big hands but in return you get great manoeuvrability. Changing blades is easy with the Goodfella, hold the head and turn the handle ant clockwise, the head loosens off allowing simple, quuick and easy blade changing. 8/10

3) Affordability - not cheap at £63.70 but the Goodfella comes with a lifetime guarantee. It's also cheaper than the Merkur VISION, the Feather and the Cobra. 8/10

4) Looks - fantastic looking, the chrome plating is beautifully reflective and the Goodfella logo on the head is a nice finishing touch. Comes in all chrome and chrome with a black head. Both are great lookers. 10/10

Summary I like it! It has striking good looks, shaves well and has a lifetime guarantee. Made in New Zealand. My overall rating is 35/40.

Well done Goodfella!

My only criticism is I personally prefer a closed comb razor - come on Goodfella you know it makes sense! To buy the Goodfella online, click here.

Written by Brian Mulreany,
Sales Director, The Executive Shaving Company
Tel: 0141 880 3040

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