Goats Milk Shaving Soap from Roseacre Soaps

Goat's Milk Shaving SoapGoats milk shaving soap, hand-made by Roseacre Soaps in Northern Ireland, could well be the ideal soap of you - particularly if you suffer from sensitive skin. Pure Goats milk shaving soap is ideal if you suffer from skin rashes, razor-burn, itchiness, eczema or even psoriasis, as it's free from artificial chemicals and additives.

Roseacre Soaps is a company that has built a reputation for quality, pure natural products and their shaving cream falls neatly under that banner, with all-natural ingredients, including vegetable oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, vitamin E, natural spring water  and, of course, goat's milk.

Rich Creamy Lather

When Shaving using the goats milk shaving soap, there's no need to use a lathering bowl, you simply have to rinse your shaving brush in warm water, shake off the excess water and later up using the soap in the tub.

The shaving soap lathers up as a white cream, but its pH balance closely matches the skin and it quickly turns clear on the skin.

Shaving is a pleasure, as the face is superbly lubricated, allowing the blade to glide through your bristle and give you a comfortable, close shave.

I found that I didn't need to moisturise after shaving with the goats milk shaving soap, due to the richness of the lather. One really nice feature is that it's fragrance free, which allows the shaver to use a fragrance of their choice after their shave.

I feel that as well as this moisturising shaving soap being ideal for men with skin sensitivity issues, it would be ideal for teenagers that are just getting used to shaving on a more regular basis.

The Roseacre Soaps goat's milk shaving soap is great value and you can invest in a tub by following this link: Goat's Milk Shaving Soap.

Written by Brian Mulreany,
Sales Director at The Executive Shaving Company.
Telephone: 0141 880 3040
Email: brian@executive-shaving.co.uk

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