Fusion Razors - Gillette Fusion Razor Collection

Arguably giving the next best shave to the cut-throat razor, the Gillette Fusion Razor is a must for anyone serious about shaving. ForGillette fusion razor collection years Gillette razors have been the leading seller of razors and razor blades and it is no wonder when Gillette can produce quality shaving razors that can be found in the Fusion razor collection. The Fusion razor collection represents the ultimate in shaving innovation. Five closely spaced powerglide blades and enhanced lubricator Lubastrip ensure that your shave will be close, smooth and trouble free time after time. The Fusion collection includes perfectly balanced handles finished in chrome, nickel or ivory and each razor is accompanied by its own unique stand. There is even a Fusion razor for you to take on your travels! Combined with other fabulous products from Executive Shaving Company, you can turn shaving from being an every day chore into a daily pleasurable experience. Our top quality shaving products as well as being perfect for grooming, are well presented so as to make ideal gifts.

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