Executive Shaving Update, New Stuff and More

Fitjar recently launched a limited edition of 60 Folgefonn Shaving Creams with added scent and menthol. Our allocation of 23 sold out in two days.

I asked Monica who runs this artisan Norwegian soap makers to make an Executive Shaving Limited Edition of 60 creams, again, with added scent and menthol. She has kindly sent us three testers that contain varying amounts of menthol which Robert our e-commerce manager and I have been using.

We have now chosen the sample we both liked the best and we should have 60 creams here within the next few weeks.

if you want one, don’t hang around, get your order in quickly or pre-book one now by emailing us: info@executive-shaving.co.uk 

We have also been busy testing new shaving creams, aftershave balms and shower gels to boost the Executive Shaving range. We currently offer shaving creams and balms in Natural, Citrus Kiss and Bay Rum as well as a Lime soft shaving soap. I didn’t want to go down the sandalwood road as just about every shaving supplier offers sandalwood. I love a cool shave so we tried a few minty / menthol type creams and balms before we found our nirvana. How cooling is it? Robert wants to call it Freeze Your Nuts Off that’s how cooling it is! Best of all, the shaving cream delivers the same protective lathering power as our other creams and the aftershave balm is exceptionally moisturising.

We have given the manufacturer the go ahead and we hope to launch these products in September this year. Why the delay? These products need safety certification and this typically takes 4-6 months.

A big gap in our portfolio is we don’t have a hair and body shower gel, we have been testing various gels and the likelihood is we’ll go for menthol to match the shaving cream and aftershave balm.

Two New Shaving Brushes
Our medium size Jock synthetic brushes launched this week, they feature our logo which is laser etched on the base of the brush, a traditionally shaped handle and our acclaimed super-soft fibres. The handles are lathe turned and polished - not moulded. Available in faux horn and black, only £24.00. In the image is the faux horn version loaded up with the Fitjar Folgefonn Shaving Cream tester and a Stef Baxter Stoneware Lathering Bowl.

Chieftain Single Edge Razor Update
I spoke with the engineers on Friday afternoon and I’m expecting to get a small batch of 12 or so early next week. If feedback is as I expect we will then order the new single edge razor in batches of 100. This razor is machine tooled from stainless steel to ridiculously tight tolerances. Two years in development, thankfully there is now light at the end of the tunnel.

Written by Brian Mulreany
Sales Director
The Executive Shaving Company
T: 0141 880 3040
E: info@executive-shaving.co.uk

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