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Facial Cleansing and Face Wash Range - Skin Treatments BlogPeppermint Essential Oil Facial Wash

Washing your face with hot soap and water was once considered the only way to keep your skin clean and healthy. Facial cleansing has taken on a new meaning in latter years with more and more people becoming educated in face washing and facial problems and how to deal with them.

There is now an abundance of face wash lotions that deeply cleanse and moisturise your skin. Face wash lotions have been formulated using various oils, exfoliating agents and softeners that can be used as a general washing agent or for pre and after shave washes. There is an abundance of facial washes for dry skin, sensitive skin and skin that is prone to shaving problems. The Executive Shaving Company boasts a fantastic range of skin care products catering for all of these skin types for both men and women. Anti-ageing and night creams are also available to complement the daytime care you take with your face.

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