Cut Throat Razors from Thiers Issard

We now have a large stock of Thiers Issard luxury hand made razors available for sale. thiers issard cut throat open straight razor

The best cut throat razors in the world? I think so. Established in 1884 by Pierre Thiers and part of a family of master razor makers the Professional Guild Charter of the time lists at least three "Thiers" as master razor makers. In 1870 Pierre Thiers started as an apprentice to a master razor maker and after twenty four years in the trade he had mastered the art well enough to become famous among the cognoscenti and connoisseurs of fine razors.

In 1884 Pierre Thiers established his own factory called Thiers-Issard combining his last name and that of his wife as a way to differentiate himself from the rest of the family who owned similar businesses. Although he died in 1929 Pierre Thiers glorious reputation lives on in the Thiers Issard razor collection that we have for sale on Executive Shaving.

Still made in France from prime Sheffield Steel, these beautiful razors are unrivalled in quality and craftsmanship. They are highly collectible and rate alongside Ferrari cars and Rolex watches as true, luxury designer brands. Our Thiers Issard razor collection starts at only £98.00 for the 'Le Dandy' which is a small price to pay for such a magnificent piece. We also have a range of luxury Thiers Issard Brushes and luxury Thiers Issard Strops; needless to say they are the perfect accompaniments to a Thiers Issard razor and as you would expect, masterpieces in their own right!

Thiers Issard - the perfect razor.

Written by Brian Mulreany,
Sales Director, The Executive Shaving Company
Tel: 0141 880 3040

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