Cut Throat Razor Starter Kit

Not a day goes by it seems without someone asking us what razor and kit they should buy to start shaving with a Cut Throat Razor.

Here's our advice on the best kit available for starting to wet shave with a cut throat razor. Le Dandy Cut Throat Razor

The Razor

Or most popular cut throat straight razor, we sell in its 100s each year, is the Thiers-Issard Le Dandy Razor, black handle, 5/8 of an inch version. This razor is hand made in France using the finest Sheffield Carbon Steel. The Le Dandy combines perfect form with perfect function, looked after and maintained properly this razor will provide you with decades of daily use. This is a serious razor, the Le Dandy comes to you shave ready in a Thiers-Issard branded Leather Pouch. Etch washed with black acid onto the face of the razor are the words 'Le Dandy'. The tang is stamped with the Thiers-Issard Crown logo and the words 'Thiers-Issard Made In France'.  Located in Thiers, France, Thiers-Issard have been making cut throat razors since 1884, they still use tried and trusted traditional manufacturing methods and every razor that leaves the small workshop is tested and passed as 'shave ready' for your use.

The Techy Bits:
Blade: High Quality Carbon Steel
Finish: Satin
Blade Size: 5/8 with Round Point
Handle: Black Shiny Celluloid

The Le Dandy is available as a stand-alone razor, however, we have teamed the Le Dandy razor up with a Strop, Shaving Brush and a Rosewood Storage Box to bring you The Executive Shaving Open Razor Gift Box Set. The boxed set is great value beacuse we have discounted the price so you get all these products for less than if you bought them individually.

The Strop

You'll also need a Strop to maintain the razors edge. The Executive Shaving 2 inch wide strop will do a good job in removing the microscopic 'burrs' that form on the razors edge after use.

The Shaving Brush

Nothing lathers up shaving soap and shaving cream like a good quality shaving brush does. Made in England on behalf of Executive Shaving, this is a luxury shaving brush. Made from the finest 'Super Badger Hair' this brush feels incredibly soft on the face.

Rosewood Box

To keep everything neat and tidy we have sourced hand made Indian Rosewood Boxes that are simply stunning to look at. Beautifully finished, with real brass inlays set in the corners. Being hand made and not mass produced, no two boxes are exactly the same.

The complete Executive Shaving Set which includes the Le Dandy, Strop, Shaving Brush and Rosewood Box is available here and buy online.

Go here to buy the Le Dandy Razor (only) online. The Le Dandy is superb value for money.

Written by Brian Mulreany,
Sales Director at The Executive Shaving Company.
Telephone: 0141 880 3040

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