Cut Throat Razor Recommendations for a Beginner

Cut Throat Razor Recommendations for a Beginnerle-dandy-razor

Q: 28th October 2014. What is the best straight razor to buy for someone new to this style of shaving? Can you give me a budget, middle and premium option please.

A: This is a common question. Firstly, why a cut throat?

You'll get just as close a shave from a safety razor. The learning curve is less steep and you shouldn't shed blood with a safety razor, the shave will be quick and the replacement blades are only £3.50 for 10. Each blade is good for at least 4 close, smooth and comfortable shaves.

A good safety razor will cost around £30.00 upwards whereas a good cut throat razor will cost you £100 plus. Additionally you'll need a strop to maintain the cut throat razors edge. The total cost for a razor and strop will be in excess of £150.00.

For that amount you can buy a high quality safety razor, shaving brush, shaving cream, pre shave soap, after shave balm and more besides.

I suspect a lot of cut throat razors are bought, used once or twice and then put away never to see the light again whereas we know from past buyers buying patterns that guys quickly get hooked on safety razor shaving and very often upgrade their shaving kit.

If you really want a cut throat razor and you're prepared to invest time in learning how to shave with a cut throat and how to strop the cut throat then here's some recommendations for you.

Budget Cut Throat Razor:
The French made Thiers-Issard Le Dandy is as good as it gets for a fraction under £100.00. £98.50.

Mid Range:
German made, quality assured as they say. The Dovo Bismarck with its 5/8ths wide blade is a good mid range option. £145.00.

Top Range:
Back to France for the stunning Thiers-Issard Sheep & Wolf Olivewood cut throat razor its hefty 7/8ths carbon steel blade with gold plating detail. £230.00.

These razors will need stropped on a regular basis, annually at least they will need honed. Honing is a real skill, we advise that you send the razor to an expert who will hone, strop and test the razor for not a lot of money. The razor will then be 100% shave ready again.
Start off with The Executive Shaving Wide Strop, this is a good starter strop at a very reasonable price. £30.00.

The Maintenance Free Cut Throat Razor Option
The Japanese Feather Cut Throat Razors don't need honed or stropped as they have a replaceable blade, when the blade dulls simply pop a new one in. This is cut throat shaving for the 21st Century. The quality is as you would expect from a razor with a 'made in Japan' badge. Prices for Feather Cut Throat Razors start at £120.00 while a pack of blades will set you back around £20.00 for 20 blades, each blade is good for at least 7 close shaves. Fuss free, hassle free and a perfect shave every time. Frankly, this is what we recommend for beginners due to the ease of use and the fact that you'll get a perfect shave every time once you master the technique. See the Feather range here.

Vintage Cut Throat Razors
The advantages in buying a Vintage Cut Throat Razor from The Executive Shaving Company include owning a real piece of history and the reassurance that the razor has been completely restored and it will be 100% shave ready when it arrives with you. In general these razors are cheaper than a brand new razor. 

Written by Brian Mulreany, Sales Director at The Executive Shaving Company.
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