Customer Ade Hardy talks to Executive Shaving

Brian Mulreany from Executive Shaving talks shaving and life with regular buyer Ade Hardy.

Ade is one of our most regular buyers and has been for a few years; Ade often calls us for advice before he buys. Ade and I speak every two weeks or so.
I thought it was about time we spotlighted one of our regulars and found out a little about him.

Q: Where do you live Ade?
A: We have a Sheffield address but we live half way between Rotherham & Chesterfield at a place called Halfway.

Q: How old are you?
A: I'll be 50 in March 2016........... Ouch!

Q: Hi Ade, I know you’re not long back from a trip to the USA which involved a Harley Davison motorcycle, tell me about that.
A: My amazing partner Carolyn, who hadn't even been on the back of a bike until 4 years ago and I went to the bike show at the NEC last November & visited the Eaglerider stand. Carolyn came away quite excited about the prospect of travelling Route 66 on a Harley Davidson and asked "would I be interested in going"? Interested....... of course I was interested, I have 2 bikes myself, one of which is a Harley..... to me, this is a pilgrimage.

Ten months later we arrived at the luxury Palmer House Hotel in Chicago & spent 2 days exploring this amazing city, before collecting our Harley Davidson Electra Glide ready for the 2800 mile trip Ahead. Route 66 (The Mother Road) is just over 2300 miles long, the extra 500 miles is made up of diversions off the main route to the countless things to see and do along the way including Las Vegas. We had a tour leader and a support van with 12 bikes riden by total strangers, many who will now be friends for life.
The trip takes 12 days to cross the 8 States, 9 if you include the trip into Las Vegas Nevada. Averaging around 250 miles per day doesn't sound much, however there were 2 accidents on our tour so only 10 bikes made it all the way from Chicago Illinois to Los Angeles California. It's by no means easy but we enjoyed every moment & every mile including breaking the gear shifter on one bike, a blowout at 90mph resulting in a lost side pannier on another and nearly colliding with a wild deer at 70mph.
As you travel from east to west, the scenery, the roads, the things to see and do, all get better each new day.
I could talk for hours about the torrential downpour in Illinois, the Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, the amazing scenery through New Mexico, the relentless heat and the roadrunner in the Mojave dessert, the stunning Grand Canyon helicopter trip, the 29 mile ride from Kingman to Oatman, the shooting range where we shot a 50 calibre sniper rifle, standing on the corner in Winslow Arizona and all of the other hundreds of amazing memories. None of this could explain the feeling of freedom, waking up every morning knowing I'm going to spend the whole day doing what I love to do best with the person I love the most visiting places we've never been and meeting people we've never met.
Route 66 really does change your attitude to life. Stop dreaming & start living.

Q: When you’re not on a motor bike what do you do in your spare time?
A: My other passion is live music. I've been involved in the entertainment industry since I did my first paid job as a DJ when I was 13. Since then I've been a moble DJ, TV & radio voiceover, singer in a 12 piece soul band, guitar technician, stage manager, lapdancing club DJ & many other things. I've Been very lucky & worked in places such as The House of Commons, The Royal Albert Hall & many grotty village halls. I've worked with, rubbed shoulders with and befriended lots of the rich and famous.

Q: What’s your occupation Ade?
A: Currently I work for a finance company

Q: What other jobs have you had in the past?
A: When I left school I worked in a fibreglass factory, the itching drives you crazy. I then worked in a Builders Merchant for 2 years. My longest occupation was as a Financial Advisor but I got increasingly frustrated with the problems within that industry which later manifested into the pension, mortgage and PPI scandals. After that I worked for a London based Pro Audio company selling anything from a microphone to a full touring PA system for The Rolling Stones, before being head hunted to become UK sales manager for a loudspeaker manufacturer. However 80,000 miles a year travelling the length and breadth of the country for 60-70 hours a week takes its toll. I then helped a friend set up a sales team for his Chemicals company before starting my current job. I've always maintained some part time entertaining throughout the years.

Q: Have you always been a wet shaver?
A: I did try electric shavers but always ended up with a spotty neck. I then moved on to a Bic & eventually cartridge razors. I'm happy to say I discovered real wet shaving some years ago.

Q: You’ve bought a lot of stuff from us over the years, what’s your all-time favourite products you’ve bought from Executive Shaving?
A: The one product I wouldn't swap for anything else would have to be Executive Shaving Pre Shave Oil regardless of which razor, blade or soap I use.
My Simpsons Chubby 3 in super badger is total indulgence.
Choosing a favourite razor is difficult; I love the simplicity of the Muhle R89 and also the pure luxury of my Feather AS-D2.

Q: Which do you prefer, soap or cream for shaving lather?
A: Cream. Castle Forbes Lime every time.

Q: Your favourite safety razors blades?
A: Gillette 7 o'clock green unlless I'm using a feather razor, in which case it would be a feather blade.

Q: After shaving what do you use on your face?
A: Fitjar Folgefonn aftershave balm. It's great to learn that this will soon be back in production, I've nearly run out. (Fitjar are going back into production in early 2016).

Q: What tips can you give your fellow Executive Shaving customers for a close, comfortable shave?
A: Prepare your face properly, let the blade do the work and always use a post shave moisturiser or balm. Finally, enjoy your shave!

Q: Any unfulfilled ambitions Ade?
A: Jumping out of a perfectly good aircraft at 15000 feet

Thanks for your time and for the photographs Ade, your trip sounds absolutely amazing! You certainly appreciate quality, Chubby 3 brush, Castle Forbes Cream, Fitjar balm, you are a fairly typical Executive Shaving customer, one who values quality over cost.

The two photgraphs were taken on Ade's bike trip, summer 2015.

Written by Brian Mulreany
Sales Director at The Executive Shaving Company


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