Castle Forbes Voted Best Shaving Cream

We are often asked what is the best shaving cream? The answer we always give is Castle Forbes.
The members of the worldwide popular Badger & Blade forum think so too, they have voted Castle Forbes 'Best Shaving Cream'.
Read what Badger & Blade has to say about Castle Forbes here.
castle forbes shaving creams lime lavender sandalwood cedarwood
Our top selling Castle Forbes cream is Lime, the scent is sensationally fruity and limey, you just can't help sniffing it every time you open the tub up to use it.

Lavender is the next best seller, it's especially popular with men who have sensitive skin issues as lavender is very kind and soothing to sensitive skin.

Cedarwood & Sandalwood has always been a bit of a slow burner with us, the intensely woody, smoky scent maybe being too much for some guys. It's at least 5 years since I have used it so I bought one and tried it this morning. The intensity of the scent this time around made me realise how woody sandalwood and cedarwood should smell like.
For example Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood shaving cream and related products smells overly sweet and not at all as sandalwood should smell like. If it's authenticity you're looking for then you must try Castle Forbes Cedarwood & Sandalwood scented shaving cream.

All three shaving creams deliver a rich, lubricating lather that protects and moisturises your skin while you shave.

Don't be put off by the £22.50 price tag, a tub of Castle Forbes shaving cream will last between 5 and 6 months daily use, compare that to cheaper brands such as Bluebeard and Taylor's, their creams are good for around 10 weeks. In the long run Castle Forbes works out cheaper.

There's no need for a shaving bowl, load your shaving brush up in the tub then lather up on the face. If you choose to go for a second or third pass, there is no need to load the brush up again, instead add a drop or two of water to the brush and lather up on the face again. As if by magic the cream bursts back into life delivering sufficient lather for more passes.
What to expect from Castle Forbes Shaving Creams:
*A very rich, protective lather.
*Sensational scents
*A closer, more comfortable shave
*That snug feeling of satisfaction you get when you use a product that's just perfect in every respect.

There's more to Castle Forbes than shaving creams, their after shave balms and men's scents are wonderfully exotic, browse the entire Castle Forbes range here.

Castle Forbes for men who appreciate quality.

Written by Brian Mulreany
Sales Director at The Executive Shaving Company


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