C-Mon Blackie Cut Throat Open Razor

The C-Mon Blackie has almost legendary status among open razor / cut throat razor aficionados due to the splendid craftsmanship the razor displays, particularly the beautifully finished full hollow ground blade.

C-Mon Blackies epitomise the very best of German manufacturing, Dovo has an enviable reputation for producing timeless classic shaving razors. The 24 Comon Blackies razors we have in stock are not a vintage C-Mon Blackies, instead they are replicas based on the original design.

Unusually, this razor is finished in a satin rather than mirror finish; additionally the tang is stamped (rather than lasered) with 'C-Mon Blackie' on one side and 'Peter J Michels inc Made in Germany' on the flip side. Forged from high carbon steel, this hard to source shaving classic will give years of pleasure. The C-Mon Blackie will give the perfect shave every time with the minimum amount of maintenance, we recommend regular stropping and a bi-annual visit to a blade technician for realignment of the blade (approx cost £12.00).

C-Mon Blackie Straight Razor:

Blade Type:Carbon Steel

Blade Depth: 6/8'' Full Hollow

Scale Material:Acrylic (with C-Mon Diamond Logo)

Scale Colour: Black

Executive Shaving has a huge collection of cut throat razors for sale from starter open razors at only £37.50 to the Dovo Best Class luxury razor at £225.00 as well as a comprehensive range of accessories that includes: Shaving Soap Honing Stones Shaving Cream Shaving Mirrors Strops Aftershaves

A truly excellent gift for any occasion or special person in your life, or perhaps just a little treat for yourself - you will not be disappointed!

Written by Brian Mulreany,
Sales Director, The Executive Shaving Company
Tel: 0141 880 3040
Email: brian@executive-shaving.co.uk

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