Buy the Dovo Red Bismarck Cut Throat Open Razor

What makes the Dovo Red Bismarck Cut Throat Razor so special to wet shavers and straight open razor aficionados worldwide? Why are people prepared to wait up to 9-months to get their hands, or rather faces, on this cut throat open razor design classic?

red bismarck cut throat open razor I'll tell you. It's down to the following facts:

It's in the style of a 19th century razor, in 6/8 full hollow carbon steel, a style that will never go out of fashion

It's forged from high carbon steel which is tempered by fire and ice

It's worked into shape, sharpened and finished by a Master Craftsman

It has heavy gold plating in 24 carat gold along the entire length of the spine

It has been sympathetically updated from its original design with hand inlaid nickel bands that border a perlex inlay that carries the legend ‘Solingen' the mark of real quality

It gives the perfect shave every time with the minimum amount of maintenance, we recommend regular stropping and a bi-annual visit to a blade technician for realignment of the blade (approx cost £12.00).

The Dovo Red Bismarck Cut Throat Open Razor is truly a razor that the owner can use for many years and hand down to generation after generation. Dovo has long been recognised as the premier manufacturer of cut throat razors and the Red Bismarck is one of their finest creations.

Did I mention that the unique hardening heat treatment enables the Red Bismarck to achieve an immense degree of hardness, elasticity and resistance to wear?

So, how come The Executive Shaving Company can offer this masterpiece of engineering for only £112.00 and we have a plentiful supply in stock for you to buy?

Easy - our buyer got very lucky indeed and we are pleased to pass this luck onto you.

Written by Brian Mulreany,
Sales Director, The Executive Shaving Company
Tel: 0141 880 3040

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