Body Hair Removal Techniques for Men

For years, unwanted hair removal has been attributed to ladies save for beard trimming. However, this trend has changed with more men seeking to get rid of unwanted hair in different parts of their bodies. While some of the body hair removal methods have been in use for years, some are a bit new and efficient guaranteeing long term results. Additionally, some of these methods provide men with temporal results while others are ideal if you are looking for long term results.

Temporary body hair removal techniques for men

Waxing hair removal: - This technique is one of the oldest hair removal methods. Although it is one of the most effective hair removal methods in eliminating body hair from the roots, it is normally painful but this doesn't make it unbearable. Its advantage is that it removes hair from the roots and unlike shaving, it will leave your body clean. Waxing method involves pouring and spreading hot wax on the target body parts before applying muslin or a piece of cloth onto the wax. The muslin or clothe is then rubbed and ripped off swiftly.

Electrical trimming: - Electrical trimmers have also been used in body hair removal for men. Most of the devices used are better compared to razor blades and do not cause irritation thus considered to be safe. Electrical trimmers do not result in a smooth finish but allows you to trim your hair to the desired lengths. If you have a sensitive skin, trimmers will be ideal for you.

Shaving: - Shaving is one of the commonly used methods by many men. Unfortunately, this is one of the most ineffective methods in that it only eliminates the hair from the surface but does not deal with the roots. It is an easy technique to use but the results are very temporal. Shaving is normally associated with bumps and scratching and if done wrong could affect the skin.

Hair removal creams: - Hair removal creams are also known as depilatories. They are hassle-free if you find the right cream for your body type. These creams can be applied on the target part of the body dissolving hair strand proteins within 10-15 minutes making it easier to pull them out. Depilatories are not ideal for thick, dark hair and should be used cautiously since they can be harsh on your skin.

Long term hair removal techniques

Laser hair removal: - This is one of the most effective hair removal techniques to date. If done by a professional and under the right conditions, laser removal will produce permanent results as it destroys hair follicles making regrowth hard. Its effectiveness is normally determined by skin pigmentation and therefore you should first of all establish whether it is a suitable method for you. Laser hair removal can be used on different parts of the body and you will need to undergo a number of sessions for perfect results to be obtained. Professional therapists such as colaz laser hair removal for men can help say goodbye to unpleasant hair, waxing pain and shaving bumps at affordable rates.

Electrolysis: - This technique employs ultra-slim needles to reach individual hair shafts which are supposed to send electricity shocks to the hair follicle. This helps destroy hair re-growth cells thus making it hard for hair to grow again. The effectiveness of electrolysis hair removal varies from one person to the other and it is very expensive. It is also time consuming.

These are some of the most commonly used hair removal methods which you should consider. When dealing with laser hair removal and electrolysis, you should choose your professional carefully by considering their qualifications, experience and kind of facilities used.

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