Bee Venom Moisturising Cream For Men

Martin, England 23 May 2012

Q: I have used Fitjar K3 Moisturiser in the past and found it very good.  I need to buy some more but was also considering the new, New Zealand Bee Venom Moisturiser.  How do they compare ?

A: Martin, consider Fitjar K3 to be a very good moisturiser, hand made, all natural etc, highly recommended. Honey New Zealand Bee venom Moisturiser is a moisturiser AND it regenerates the skin so it offers more than the Fitjar K3 Moisturiser.

Honey New Zealand Bee Venon is free of SLS and parabens (so too is Fitjar), but unlike Fitjar the Bee Venom helps to eliminate blemishes and aid cell regeneration and renew damaged skin cells.

Guys looking for an anti aging facial moisturiser and a skin repair cream for shaving skin damage such as razor rash, Honey New Zealand Bee Venom is the product to go for.

Written by Brian Mulreany,
Sales Director, The Executive Shaving Company.
Tel: 0141 880 3040

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