Bald Guyz Head Shaving and Grooming Products

Bald Guyz Product RangeThis week, we have extended our range of head shaving products with the introduction of the Bald Guyz product range.

Developed in 2005, Bald Guyz head shaving and grooming products were created specifically for the needs of those with a shaved or bald head.

The Bald Guyz range arose from the frustration of Howard Brauner, a former comb-over wearer who cut his hair to become a 'true bald guy'. Howard was not able to satisfy his bald headed needs from the products that were currently available. Therefore, Bald Guyz was created. Howard's ultimate aim is to provide fellow baldies with special products created for the sensitive skin of the head and face and we at Executive Shaving are delighted to be able to help him achieve his aim. Only the finest ingredients are used in Bald Guyz products to ensure exceptional results. The Bald Guyz product range of head shaving products includes:

Clear Shave Gel (160 ml)

Daily Wash and Shampoo (118 ml)

Moisture Gel (118 ml)

Pre-Shave Scrub (118 ml)

SPF 30+ Sunscreen Gel (118 ml)

So, we recommend that all bald headed men and men who shave their head should give Bald Guyz products a try. They have been specially produced for your needs and you will not be left disappointed!

Written by Brian Mulreany,
Sales Director, The Executive Shaving Company
Tel: 0141 880 3040

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