Are You Needing a Closer Shaving Safety Razor?

Are You Needing a Closer Shaving Mid-Aggressive Safety Razor?

Most men start off safety razor shaving with a mild shaving razor such as the Muhle R89, the Jagger 89 or the Merkur 34c. Some are happy to run with their mild shaving razors for decades. Others soon want a closer shaving razor, one that will get the job done with the minimum of passes and fuss. Men will often tell me they would like a closer shaving razor but dread post shave irritation they assume will follow shaving with a more aggressive razor. In fact contrary to popular opinion a closer shaving razor can be good for those with sensitive skin. How so? Well, less passes are needed for a close shave and less passes leads to less irritation.

We will look at three safety razors that will deliver a closer shave than most. I have marked each razor out of 10 for closeness, with a cut throat razor rated at as a 10/10. The market leading Muhle R89 and Merkur 34c would rate 4/10 on this scale.

First up, The Braveheart. (pictured) This mid-priced little beauty benefits from a solid, stainless steel, lathe turned handle that delivers a very firm grip due to its deeply knurled handle. The Braveheart has gathered fans from all four corners of the globe with users commenting that it does in two passes what other razors do in three or more passes. I use my Braveheart frequently especially if I’m in a hurry; it’s very effective and good for all beard and skin types.
Price: £40.00.
Closeness rating: 6/10.

The German made Muhle Rocca is one of my all-time favourite razors. Like The Braveheart the Rocca will do in two passes what other razors do in three. It’s a large razor; the handle is 95mm long and 14mm in diameter. The Rocca is all stainless steel but the handle is hollow so it’s not a particularly heavy razor at 60g. The honeycomb pattern on the black handle version delivers a firm grip. The Rocca comes in two versions an electro plated black handle and a birch bark covered handle. Unlike other all stainless steel safety razors Muhle has managed to keep the price below £100, this is a fabulously priced, beautifully engineered razor.
Prices: Black £73.50, Wood £92.00.
Closeness rating 7/10.

Above the Tie (ATT) razors are machine tooled from stainless steel in Tennessee, USA. They’re not cheap but they are good and come in lots of options. Our top selling ATT razor is the Atlas R1. The R stands for Regular; Atlas is their medium size handle at 76m long. You can mix and match ATT heads and handles to suit your personal requirements. For example you can opt for the longer Kronos handle at 88mm if you have large hands. There are three heads to choose from M – Mild, R – Regular and H – Heavy Duty and three handles Atlas, Kronos and the large Colossus. It’s the R1 Atlas that sells in the biggest numbers. I enjoy my R1, it is a fuss-free razor, it’s very intuitive to use, nicely balanced and looks good in its simple stainless steel finish.
Price: £170.00.
Closeness rating 6/10.

Finally, no matter which safety razor you use, you really should have a look at our Safety Razor Tutorial Video for all the tips you’ll ever need.
Prices correct at 24th Jan' 2018.

Written by Brian Mulreany
Sales Director at The Executive Shaving Company
If you have any questions, please get in touch:
T: 0141 880 3040 (0041 880 3040)

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